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Demo, Day 1

Jodi Schaap

Last night I went to check in on the 34th St Project because demolition began. (Woo-hoo!)

We started with knocking some walls down on the main floor – so let’s take a look. When you walk into the home and up some stairs, you enter the kitchen – we planned on removing one load bearing wall from the main floor and a wall in the kitchen to really open up the space:

Last night she was a little worse for wear:

When you walk through that arched doorway you enter the living room, let’s do that – and then pivot 180 degrees.

Proposed plan:

Day 1:

The other side of the load bearing wall you see removed (and helllloooo Chimney!) was a bedroom:

See the proposed plan in photo here.

Day 1:

Looking from living room into the bedroom, now one big living space (almost).

When I stop there today I think we’ll see the wall from the kitchen to the living space removed. I can’t wait to see it blown wide open.

To answer a few questions:

Yes! We’re keeping the chimney exposed. As seen herehere, and here the closet under the stairs will be removed yet as well. What do we think of something like this for the chimney? Once the closet is gone there’ll be more room to work with. Possibly built in shelving? A coffee cart?

Yes! You can help. Please do, actually. Hop on to the Pinterest board and pin away with suggestions, comment or send me ideas. We’ll have a color class in a few weeks to determine the overall pallet for the home (paint swatch party!). Wanna be there? I’d love to have your input.

Yes! It’s easy to see the progress as it happens. Just follow along on InstagramTwitter or Facebook.

We’ll check in as changes are made and please speak up if you have questions!