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An update on the Project house!

Jodi Schaap

It’s been a few weeks since I last checked in with you about the 34th St Project … it’s been busy. Since we last talked the colors are all picked out along with carpets, laundry room flooring, and formica counter surfaces.

The driveway has been finished (there was an unfinished section, unpaved) and it went from gravel and dirt to cement!

The bonus room upstairs was a toss up for a while, redo the drywall or not? Beadboard? Trim? And it went from this:

To today:

We’re doing trim on the sloped ceiling sections to mimic (lightly) a board and batten wall like below.

And there will be 2 new pendant lights in the bonus room as well. We didn’t go ahead with any closets or builtins at this time, but it’s always an option down the road or for the new owner.

The floors upstairs are done and refinished, they sparkle.

We’re installing trim on the main floor right now and I believe the wood floors will be refinished next week. I met with a Tree guy today to talk about the dead trees in the yard, posted the pool for free on craigslist, handed over the landscaping renovation plan (and saw some of it start today!), I meet with kitchen people next week about cabinets, gave a start date to our painters and have tile going in the main floor bathroom this weekend.

This …

will soon look like this …

Minus the drain in the middle of the floor. And the walls in the bathroom are getting their trim treatment for the board and batten (you can DIY your own with these instructions!).

That will be painted white to look similar to the below inspiration.


On my list yet is:

Order new front door
Oversee the locker built in’s in the mudroom
Work on getting the vintage dresser outfitted as the vanity
Double check my lighting source sheet
Convince Terry to do a Dutch Door from the back of the mudroom to the patio out back
Decide on new arrangement of patio pavers for walkway to front door and get grass to grow
Get the kitchen under control, possibly order cabinets
Finalize plans for the bar area under the stairs (wine storage, cabinet storage, counter top)
Cross my fingers I thought of everything.